Little Girl

Paul Antonios



Arrainged & Produced by: Paul Antonios

All instruments played by: Paul Antonios

All vocals: Paul Antonios

Lyrics: Paul Antonios & Unknown Writer

Recorded at: Island Sound Studio's




Little girl with the golden curl   words of pure invention

Share with me your precious world  immerse me with your attention

Little girl     you're the one for me    every time I see you

Little girl     nothing can be betta    Little girl     oh ---yea-----

Bother me with your wonder  encumber me with your owe

Tickle me with your nonsense    in everything you draw ---yea yea

Distract me with your interest    in everything  I do ------------oh

Pour out your emotion   when your little heart is blue blue blue


Little girl I want you just for me

Little girl  everything you mean to me---

Little girl oh I need you so --

Little girl oh oh yea hey hey yea-----

Scat   SOLO

Tease me with your fantasies   let bright impressions shine

Bathe me with your knowledge   oh baby

And deliver me from mine----    oh-

Carry me   as a passenger   in a wagon made for two-----

Remind me we will always be----  just children passing through


Little girl     I want you for myself

Little girl     hey hey hey you are the best for me

Little girl    in everything I know

Little girl    ooooo-------


Need ya need ya need ya need ya baby

Need ya need ya need ya need ya baby   ah----

Need ya need ya need ya need ya baby  ah-- ah-- ah-------


Little girl   I want ya for myself

Little girl   you are everything to me

Little girl   I need ya for myself  -  baby

Little girl   ooo--ooo--oooo

Little girl   hey hey yea I need ya for myself 

Little girl   every little thing you do to me

Little girl    hug you squeeze you give you all my love----

Little girl    ooo----oooooo
Little girl




Paul Antonios

53 Parkway Drive North

Commack, N.Y. 11725

(631) 682-4106

E-Mail: Pantonios@

Music Copyright © 1998 Island Sound






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