Mood & attitude mean almost everything to me.  You know I've been kickin' around this big old world for quite some time now,  and I'm still livin' and learnin'.. and the longer I live.... the more I realize the impact of attitude upon this life of mine.    But you know.. it's the subtle things that mean something special to me,  a whisper,  a distant call,  the warbling of the meadowlark,  the calming of the ocean waves.......... You see when someone takes the time to listen, when someone reaches out,  when someone does a thoughtful thing.. that makes you warm throughout,  when someone lends a helping hand....and finds ways in which to share.. when someone makes you feel always being there..... That's.... my mood & attitude in life.   I feel as though I've woken up from a cocoon... And I'm finally getting my message out there,  I feel as though I've woken up from a long long sleep and here I am........You know someone once said... It's never too late.... And so hear I am.... ready to jump in the water,  ready with a lifetime of music that I've written,  over four decades to be exact,  and finally somewhere to go with it,  though my life's work is small,  Its amazing how in this modern technological world I can reach out to so many people.     In the immortal lyrics of Lennon "Life is something that happens to you while your busy making other plans" and in the end.... the love you take.... Is equal to the make........ It's only you who cares...... you decide for yourself..... 

So would you please honor me by taking a listen to my music,  I hope you will find my music interesting and insperational in some way.

Thank You, and may all be well   Pantonios

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