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Wishing you much success.
nice site. glad to see you are still doing what you love.. music music.do you still live in commack? check my site out and sign my guest book www.manhattanharmony.com
Paulie, we never had time to talk except for a few short comments during you route. But I was able to see a deeper, creative thinking human being, with a sense of humor who is also sensitive to life and those around him . I enjoyed the tour of your site and you Bio was interesting. I still play the oldies CD' you made for me. I just cannot understand where you went wrong! (being a N.Y. Giany Fan) lol. Good Luck, I support you and look forward to seeing you. Mike Monte
Sounds great Paulie. I'm happy for you. Your buddy and fellow dinosaur, John Jason
hey! where am I, where is everybody...Paul are you there? is this a party? WTF!! hey seriously man, congrats to you my friend, you sound as good as ever, Margie and I wish you success on your musical venture, I love you old buddy and only wish the best for you....Bobby D. (PS) we love the pics!
Hi Paul, I'm so happy for you, and you know I've been waiting for your 1st official cd release for a long time. Really like this site and music sounds great, there is something for everybody to enjoy. Your my cousin and my friend and you and your music hold a very special place in my heart. You should be very proud of your music and how it has touched our lives through the years. As Elvis said and this reminds me of you - "Without a song a man ain't got a friend, without a song the road would never bend, without a song the day would never end. Without a song, so I keep singing my song. So Paul, keep singing and writing your songs.
Hi Paulie. Great meeting you! This is a great site and you have some awesome music! Looking forward to working on the tracks with Lee and you. Gary Pecorella


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